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How to practice back muscles, of course, there are many movements, and the training effect of these methods is very good. At the same time, when training, we should pay attention to some attention. I believe some people still know what the movement of practicing back muscles with bare hands is. So, what are the movements of practicing back muscles with bare hands? Let’s take a look at the actions.

Lean over and touch your ankles

Lie prone and start at both ends

Fully relax, lie prone on the floor, straighten your arms forward and stretch your legs back.

Action tips: inhale, tighten your abdomen, lift your arms and legs up and off the ground at the same time, and stretch your abdominal muscles. Contract your vertical muscles, pause a little, exhale slowly, relax and return to your original position.

Wrestling bridge push up

Function: it is a functional training that organically combines lower back, leg, abdominal muscle and neck training.

Action: lie flat on the mat, put the soles of your feet on the ground, and support the weight of your upper body with your head back; When the feet pedal hard, the hips on the waist are lifted away from the cushion surface to make the body in a straight line and keep the head and feet supporting the weight of the whole body. Adhere to exhaustion, generally 20 to 60 seconds as a group. If you have received basic wrestling training, you can shake your neck back and forth to strengthen the firmness of your neck under pressure.

Crawl against the wall

Function: stretch the spine and thoracoabdominal muscles. Those with high level can also stretch the quadriceps femoris and iliopsoas muscles. While improving the flexibility and overall strength of the spine, enhance the back.

Action: this action must be performed slowly and can be completed with the help of training partners. Back to the wall, 40 cm away from the wall. Bend and stretch back, touch the wall with both hands, and then slowly crawl down to your limit according to your ability range. After 3 to 5 seconds, slowly crawl up until you return to the upright state, 8 to 10 times for each group. After a period of training, those with high level can make their head touch the ground.

Lean over and touch your ankles

Function: further stretch and strengthen spinal flexibility. However, the flexibility of the spine is poor, which requires a long time of training to achieve the action.

Action: lie prone, stretch back with both hands and feet, hold at the limit position for 8 to 10 seconds, repeat this action 10 to 12 times, record one group, and do 4 groups after interval. Try to catch your ankles with both hands. Those who can catch their ankles can keep each group for 1 to 3 minutes. Just make one group.