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  Now girls have come to understand the benefits of girls’ fitness, but we find that many girls go to the gym with aerobic exercise, and the muscle exercise is still poor. In fact, it is beneficial for girls to train their muscles, especially their shoulders, which can shape well. So what do you know about shoulder shaping exercises for girls? Let’s go and have a look!

  What are the female shoulder shaping exercises

  Standing inclined dumbbell single arm side lift

  Stand with both feet together, hold the fixed object with one hand to slightly tilt the trunk, straighten the back, tighten the core, hold the dumbbell with the outer arm, hang to the side of the body, and bend the elbow slightly. Keep the body stable, keep the core tight, keep the elbow slightly flexed, and the deltoid force drives the outer arm to lift up to the side until the big arm reaches the height of the shoulder. Pause at the top, contract the deltoid, then control the speed and slowly return to the starting state in the opposite direction.

  Prone dumbbell reverse bird

  Lie prone on the bench, keep your abdomen and hips close to the surface of the bench, hold dumbbells in both hands, hang in front of your body, and bend your elbows slightly. Keep your body stable, keep your elbows slightly bent, use the back of your shoulder to drive your arms to lift back and up, stop at the top of the action, feel the contraction of the back of your shoulder, then control the speed to restore slowly in the opposite direction, and feel the extension of the back of your shoulder.

  What are the female shoulder shaping exercises

  Elastic shoulder loop

  Stand with your legs slightly apart, your waist and back straight, your core tightened, hold both ends of the elastic belt with both hands in front of your body, keep your body stable, open and lift your arms to the side and above, and bypass your head back to the back of your body, and then turn back in the opposite direction to restore to the initial state of the action.


  Push is a classic shoulder exercise, which can effectively strengthen our deltoid middle bundle, make your shoulders wider and more shaped, and make your body appear inverted triangle. Stand, tighten the core, straighten the waist and back, open the arms on both sides of the body, hold the dumbbell and bend the elbow. The dumbbell is a little higher than the shoulder. Lift the dumbbell upward and straighten the arm, but don’t lock the elbow. Slowly return to the initial position, repeat the action 12 times and practice 4 groups.