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I use target protein Shakers as cocktail mixers because target protein shakers are cheaper and work well. This is great because it is easy to see the amount of each strong liquor and / or liqueur you add, and it is very beautiful and even froth to withstand my French martini. No leakage. I’m very satisfied with this product. I may buy another one.My first shaker bottle, I’m glad I got one! I’ve been using target protein shaker to make a protein shake instead of breakfast in the morning. For liquid and powder, target protein shaker can be perfectly mixed, and it works well for fruits / vegetables that have been made into mud; I tried mashed bananas once, but the target protein shaker is not as smooth as I want, so I think I will still use the immersion shaker bottle when I want to add fruits or vegetables that have not been made into mud. In most cases, I only mix 8 ounces of almond milk and frozen coffee (I make a pot and put the target protein shaker in the refrigerator for a whole week) with 1 teaspoon of protein powder every morning, but I’ve played mixing pumpkin puree and juice (not at the same time!) for some varieties.
I’m glad I bought this convenient little shaker bottle. The mixing of target protein shaker is excellent, which is much more convenient than using rod shaker bottle or full-size shaker bottle. I mainly use target protein shaker to mix the dehydrated milk we often use here. The lid is leak proof and is ideal for saving extra money in the refrigerator. Easy to clean! I like target protein shaker very much. I want the second one.

I like these stainless steel shaker bottles very much and have purchased some. They do what they say they want to do. There’s no problem breaking my protein shake. I don’t have a leak. But then again, I drink very fast to feel the taste of target protein shaker, so I don’t seem to put target protein shaker in a backpack filled with liquid. I like plums… The color is great. I hope target protein shaker can slightly prevent my husband from accepting target protein shaker… But this may be just wishful thinking. When my 12-year-old son wanted this as a Christmas gift, I was skeptical, but he was very excited. After a breakfast milkshake disaster, he made up his mind to have a milkshake bottle. He said he liked this because it was his own private best electric shaker bottle and he wouldn’t change anything. Target protein shaker is very easy to clean and I have never found any powder residue.