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So I can start drinking healthy milkshakes as a meal replacement. So far, I am satisfied. The electric shaker bottle is well packed, and the protein shaker bottle blends my milkshake well. The lid is stuck tightly and seems to be leak-proof so far. I really like pink.

   I should first say that I cherish my time and tend to take the path of least time commitment when eating. This is not the easiest lid to close, so make sure you really push down until the electric shaker bottle closes. Otherwise you will clean up a lot of mess. Assuming you can complete this part of the work correctly, the electric shaker bottle can mix protein beverages perfectly. This brings us to the second and third parts; Chocolate Molk from Jocko and four Sigmatic with lion mane. I ran a few times (over 13 miles), where I used protein powder and instant coffee with water. What a perfect combination! I tried the protein powder alone with water, but the electric shaker bottle was missing something. I didn’t want to drink milk, so I took coffee from the storage room. Usually running this distance in July and August will make me exhausted for a few hours and need a nap, but taking some fast protein and a bit of smart caffeine can eliminate all the usual resistance after running. If you are looking for a way to energize your morning/afternoon after running, then the protein shaker bottle is the way to go.