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If you want to practice full chest muscles, you should not only train the pectoralis major muscles, but also train the pectoralis minor muscles. Otherwise, the chest shape will be ugly. This is certainly what everyone doesn’t want to see. However, the exercise of pectoralis minor muscle is not achieved overnight. It needs a long evolution process. So, how should we train the pectoralis minor muscles? Here are some methods to recommend to you. I hope you can have proud pectoralis muscles if you keep practicing.


Method 1: push ups

When it comes to push ups, many people feel a little bored. Who can’t do push ups yet. But push ups are really an exercise that can exercise most of the muscles of the body. It can not only exercise the chest muscles, arm muscles, but also stretch the back muscles, but also stimulate the abdominal muscles. So if you don’t have time and energy to go to the gym, you can do some push ups at home. The training of pectoralis minor muscles is very good, especially wide-distance push ups. You can practice both pectoralis and shoulder muscles.

Method 2: parallel bar arm flexion and extension

Parallel bar arm flexion and extension can also effectively exercise pectoralis minor muscle. Because the pectoralis minor muscle is mainly flexion and extension muscle, it will be driven when the chest is forced. The flexion and extension of the parallel bar arm is not a particularly complex and difficult exercise. In addition to exercising the pectoralis minor muscle, you can also exercise the pectoralis major muscle. It also plays a good role in the exercise of the anterior saw muscle. Over a long time, you may even practice the shark line. Therefore, if you want to train the pectoralis minor muscle, you must not miss this action. You only need a parallel bar to achieve good results.

Method 3: standing and pushing the wall

Standing and pushing the wall is also easy to do, and there is no need for complex equipment. If you want to train the pectoralis minor muscle, you must be right to choose this action. First of all, we need to stand facing the wall, then open our arms and make a push up posture. The distance between our hands should be wider, and there should be a certain distance between our feet and the wall. When we move, our body will fall towards the wall, and support with both hands when we are about to reach the wall.