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  If you often work at your desk, but don’t exercise much. Then it’s very easy to have butterfly sleeves on your arm. Butterfly sleeve is the fat on the arm. It is often hidden in the inner side of the arm. We often find it when we expose our arms in summer. So how do you think to remove the butterfly sleeve on your arm? Let’s go and have a look!

  How to remove the butterfly sleeve on the arm 5 ways to get rid of the butterfly sleeve

  Dumbbell two head bending lift

  First, stand naturally, relax the whole body, put dumbbells on both sides of the body with both hands, bend and lift the upper arm close to the body, and then restore it slowly downward, keep the chest up and head up, tighten the core action, and repeat two groups for 12 times in each group, with an interval of 15 seconds.

  Head flexion and extension

  First, relax the whole body, sit on the stool, lift your hands up, look ahead, don’t shrug, keep your upper arm still, bend and extend your forearm, and feel the force on the back of your arm. The action needs to be done in two groups, 12 times in each group, and each group can rest for 10 seconds.

  Bend over and stretch with one arm

  Open your feet shoulder wide and face the table. One hand holds the table and the other holds the dumbbell. Bend your elbow and lift it, and then slowly straighten your arm backward. Your upper arm always remains motionless. Exhale when lifting your arm, inhale when stretching back, and repeat with your left and right hands for 8 times. Each action can be done in 3 groups with an interval of 15s.

  How to remove the butterfly sleeve on the arm 5 ways to get rid of the butterfly sleeve

  Straight arm circle

  First, keep your legs as wide as your shoulders, stand upright, open your arms at the level of your shoulders, palms up, and shoulder joints drive your arms to draw circles for 15 seconds. In the process of movement training, the body must relax, breathe evenly, and the range of movement should not be too large. Repeat 3 times for each group, and repeat 2 groups. Each group can rest for 20 seconds.

  Triceps brachii flexion and arm extension

  You need to find a chair, put your hands on the armrest of the chair, prop up your body, bend your elbows, vertically lower the center of gravity, squat until the thigh and calf, upper arm and forearm are 90 degrees, and stretch your arms upward to complete the bending and extension. Each group needs to do 12 times. Two groups need to rest for 15s.