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  Leg muscle is one of the most used muscles, but we often ignore it when training muscles. The exercise of leg muscles is also very important. If you don’t exercise often, it will cause the imbalance of upper and lower body. There are many leg muscle exercises, so what do you think we should do to quickly practice leg muscle exercises? Let’s go and have a look!

  How to do fast leg muscle exercises

  1、 Free squat

  Optional equipment: squat frame, barbell, dumbbell, etc. Movement effect: mainly practice to the front of thighs and hips.

  Action: first, make sure that the position of your feet is the same width as your shoulders, and your feet spread out. Bend your hips and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your waist and back must be straight, and then squat up slowly to tighten your hips. Then slowly downward, repeat 15 times.

  How to do fast leg muscle exercises

  2、 Barbell hard pull

  Movement effect: hamstring, lower back, calf and hip muscles

  Movement: open your feet and keep the same width as your hips. Bend your hips, keep your hands shoulder width apart, hold the barbell bar tightly, take a deep breath, lower your hips, tighten your knees, and your shins touch the barbell bar. Head up. Keep your chest up, arch your back, and force the barbell up at your heels. When the barbell bar exceeds the knee, pull the barbell bar back, tighten the shoulder blades, and push the hips forward to approach the barbell. Bend your hips, lower the barbell and put the barbell back on the ground.

  3、 Weight dumbbell lunge squat

  Movement effect: front quadriceps of thigh, hamstring and gluteus maximus

  This action can be said to exercise both leg muscles and hip muscles. Hold dumbbells with both hands, hang on both sides of the body, raise your chest and abdomen, and stand naturally with your feet the same width as your hips. Bend your knees, bend your hips, step out, squat down to your hind legs, your knees close to or slightly touch the ground, and your legs exert force at the same time to drive your body to rise vertically. Retract the front foot and return to the starting position. When practicing, the practitioner should pay attention to the angle of lunge squat. When squatting, try to keep the knees of both feet at 90 degrees, and the knees of the front feet should not exceed the toes.