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  1. force yourself to run

  Yes, running, especially to maintain a minimum of one hour long run, each time you can burn a lot of calories, but not everyone is a natural runner, there are always some friends are not like running, perhaps the body structure, perhaps personal preferences, will affect the feeling of people running. You should know that running is not the only aerobic exercise in the world, we have many choices, such as swimming, cycling, rowing machine, there are also many friends like basketball, soccer, boxing, as long as you choose their favorite sports on it!

  From the human biology point of view, long-distance running does not help to increase muscle, but may cause muscle loss, in addition, when the body is used to running, unless you practice each time to speed up the pace or extend the time, otherwise the calorie consumption of running exercises will slowly decrease with the increase in the number of training.

  2. will be weight training and oxygen training completely separate

  For friends who are willing to put a lot of time and effort into the gym, in fact, no matter what training you do, you will always see results, because time and determination is the most important element of fitness exercise.

  However, for those who cannot have enough time, you must abandon the idea of doing weight training and aerobic training separately, because many studies have shown that combining weight training and aerobic training can increase the efficiency of fat loss and muscle gain, and can also reduce the time spent on each training session.

  You can try the very popular cycle training and high intensity interval training (click here to visit different training programs), but also in the rest time of each exercise group to carry out some with high oxygen content movements, such as Bobby jump, jump rope, body weight squats.

  3. give up all your favorite foods

  The most enjoyable thing in the world is to eat and drink with three or five friends, but many friends in order to lose weight and fitness, do not hesitate to attend friends’ parties, but also to stop eating all the food you love. In fact, this is not healthy for the body and mind, because excessive abstinence will make you depressed, and when your willpower is weak, but will break the precept of binge eating and drinking.

  Therefore, some nutritionists suggest that we can set a limit for our favorite foods, such as drinking 2 large beers and eating fried chicken once a week. Or you can arrange a cheat meal, one dinner a week with friends to eat with a little bit of freedom. This can be an outlet for the stress faced when losing weight and working out.

  Of course, cheat meals do not mean you can eat like crazy, assuming your daily net calorie intake is -500 calories, you can remove 3500 calories a week, but if you eat and drink like crazy in one night, you can always take in 4000 calories, so cheat meals should also be carefully controlled.

  4. all movements are 3 sets of 12 times

  Especially if you are new to fitness, you may be unfamiliar with fitness exercises, so you think 3 sets of 12 times is the golden ratio of training! In fact, when we are training, we may want to feel their body state, when we encounter a good state, may be more to do 2 groups, while the weight to enhance a little, to play muscle potential; encounter poor state, do less 1 group, reduce the weight, the number of movements to improve a little, to ensure that the muscle in poor condition can be trained.

  Fitness is a very “flexible” movement, there is no single training method, everyone has different preferences, rhythm, strength and weakness, the most important is to learn to feel the body to regularly change the training method, do not die with the same set of rules.