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In the thin waist exercise, the thin waist effect of each exercise is good. I believe many people still understand it. However, in the thin waist exercise, some exercises are suitable for home practice and some are suitable for gym practice. Of course, some people still know what the thin waist exercise in bed is. So, what are the effective thin waist exercises in bed? Let’s learn about thin waist exercise in bed!

Thin waist movement

Sport one

Sit flat beside the bed, with your hands naturally forked at your waist, lean your body back slowly, and then slowly recover your action and repeat the action several times.

Movement II

Lie on your side on the bed, lift your arms horizontally, bend your legs and knees, lift them slightly, turn left at the same time, keep your knees close to the bed as much as possible, and repeat to the right after a few seconds.

Movement III

Head up, lie flat on the bed, put your hands behind your head, then bend your legs and knees, pour to the right at the same time, try to be close to the bed surface, keep your back close to the bed, and repeat to the left after a few seconds. This exercise can make your waist more thin and tight. Often doing this exercise can easily drive away the fat accumulated in the waist and abdomen, make it more slim, and cultivate a sexy small waist.

Movement IV

Head up, lie flat on the bed, take turns to sit up and lift legs alternately, you can exercise the muscles around the waist and abdomen, which can not only reduce the waist circumference, but also shape the lines of the lower abdomen, making the waist slim and natural.

Sport five

Head up, lie flat on the bed, straighten and hold your arms high on both sides of your head, and then roll your body to the left and right respectively, repeat several times. This exercise can exercise your body and tighten your waist muscles. If you often practice like this, you can easily lose your sexy waist line.