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  Barbell is a kind of fitness equipment we often use. It has a very good effect on exercising muscles. Leg muscle is a muscle we must exercise. Good exercise of leg muscle will bring us a lot of benefits. So what do you think are the leg movements of barbell fitness? Let’s go and have a look!

  Barbell exercise leg movements to build strong leg muscles

  Barbell hard pull

  Place the barbell bar between your feet. Open your feet and keep them the same width as your hips. Bend your hips, keep your hands shoulder width apart and hold the barbell bar tightly, which can effectively stretch your shoulder blades. Typically, you will use alternating gripping. When your hands and feet are in place, take a deep breath, lower your hips and tighten your knees until your shins touch the barbell. Head up. Keep your chest up, arch your back, and force the barbell up at your heels. When the barbell bar exceeds the knee, pull the barbell bar back, tighten the shoulder blades, and push the hips forward to approach the barbell. Bend your hips, lower the barbell and put the barbell back on the ground.

  Barbell squat

  The barbell is placed where the trapezius muscle feels comfortable, and the novice can pad a towel on this part. Then the leg posture is very important. A reasonable standing posture can maximize the force. Feet and shoulders in a vertical line, toes slightly open. Finally, don’t squat too deep. Pause after your thighs are almost parallel to the ground, and then stand up. The purpose of pause is to make the barbell stationary and strengthen the control ability of muscles.

  Barbell exercise leg movements to build strong leg muscles

  Barbell Lunge

  Stand with your feet hip width apart and take a big step forward with your right foot. Lift the barbell with your hands, straighten your chest and waist, look straight at your eyes, bend your knees and press back straight; Use both feet at the same time to raise the center of gravity vertically. Breathing method: inhale when pressing down and exhale when restoring. Lunge squat and split leg squat are somewhat similar, but slightly more complex. With an additional step, the exercise effect is basically similar. It is also a comprehensive exercise.

  Smith machine squat

  Standing under Smith’s frame, the barbell was carried on his shoulder. Lean forward slightly. Squat until your knees are vertical, then return to the action. Quadriceps femoris can be exercised when the foot is in line with the barbell or when the body’s center of gravity is moved backward. If the legs move forward, mainly exercise the biceps femoris.