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  1. the frequency of changing training plans.

  Training programs should be changed once in six weeks. Six weeks is the time for the body’s nerve tissue and muscle tissue to become familiar with a training pattern. More than six weeks still use the same training plan, muscle training effect will be reduced because of muscle adaptation. Some professional athletes may have to change their plans every time they train, which is a sign of instinctive training. This does not apply to most fitness practitioners. Training plan changes include training movements, movement sequence, rest time between training groups and other conditions.

  2. when to increase the training weight.

  In muscle training, it is recommended that the number of times per training group is 8-12, then, when an exercise movement can be done correctly after 12 times, the weight should be increased. The weight should be increased gradually in small increments to ensure continuous muscle growth. Different trainers muscle strength increase at different rates, do not rush to increase the weight two, the action standard situation to complete the increase in weight is safe and effective.

  3. how to arrange training movements.

  For first-time trainers, strength training can be arranged to train 1-2 parts of the muscle each time, to put the large muscles in front of the training, small muscles in the back. The choice of training actions in accordance with the free weight training action in the front, fixed equipment training in the back. Multi-joint training movements in the front, single-joint isolation training movements in the back of the principle.

  4. muscle pain canker problems after training.

  After strength training, muscle pain or soreness will occur, which is a normal phenomenon. It usually lasts 24-72 hours. Pain after training can sometimes be used as an observation point of the training situation, but also can not be absolutely soreness as the basis of the training effect. Muscle soreness can be relieved by using stretching, massage, and hot baths.

  5. little effect after training hard.

  There are many main reasons for the poor results of muscle training, summarized in three links: training, diet, and rest. Among them, training: training movements are not standard, training intensity is not enough is the most significant problem, diet: nutrient intake is insufficient, mainly focused on protein, vitamins, minerals and water intake. Rest: to ensure that more than 7 hours / day of rest time, mental relaxation should also be in a state.

  6. the reasons for the fatigue and weakness often felt before training.

  Most trainers have overtraining problems, overtraining will cause the body hormone secretion decline, muscle weakness or lack of enthusiasm for training. Therefore it is very important to avoid overtraining. It may also be due to a lack of energy intake, such as carbohydrates, and a lack of “fuel” in the body. You should consume more complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, cereals) and eat every 4 hours.

  7. which training movements are most effective.

  The basic movements of free weight training with barbells or dumbbells are the most effective. Free weight training movements are the most effective for muscle building and can mobilize more muscle involvement to promote body hormones and muscle development. Common basic movements are: barbell squat, weighted lunge walk, flat or upper incline plate bench press, bent leg hard pull, pull-ups, standing push-ups, etc.

  8. how often to train.

  This depends on the level of training. Beginning trainers strength training 3 times a week, once a week will be the body muscle cycle training. Intermediate and advanced trainers can choose more training methods, for example: divisional training method, the whole body of all parts of the muscle to practice 2 times a week cycle.

  9. how long each training session should be.

  Training time more than 45 minutes, the body hormone levels will drop 80%, therefore, any training more than 60 minutes is training the will rather than training muscles, therefore, each training should be controlled within 60 minutes, if controlled within 45 minutes is best.